Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Bash 2011

Today I am Joyfully Linking Up with other Bloggers at Women Living Well to introduce myself and get to know others better.  My name is Nanette,  and I am SO grateful to be a Daughter of God, a Wife in Love, and a Mother on Purpose!  I Love to sing and truly believe that life is one long musical.  I enjoy sharing my heart and home as I daily learn what is means to "Dance in the Rain".

I began blogging as a way to record my thoughts and experiences, and quickly realized the power of connecting with other like-minded women as we Inspire and Encourage one another.  I write with a heart to be transparent while glorifying God in all that He does in me and through me!!  I am passionate about growing my relationship with Him, and delight in the process of Pursuing Peace on Purpose...HA!  Likewise, my blog is full of examples of God's Grace!  I continue to marvel in the opportunity to regularly pause and consider my "Heart Condition" - to align (more accurately re-align) with Wisdom and Understanding, and reflect on valuable life lessons I learn as I strive to be a Woman of Godly Character, a Helpmate to my Beloved, and a Grace-filled Mother!  Please join me in this journey...I pray you find peace in knowing you are Not alone!  Likewise, I look forward in faith with great expectation to ALL that God has for us we strive to BE Relevant!!    


Anonymous said...

Hi Nanette! Nice to meet you!

Nanette said...

Likewise, I am happy you stopped by and appreciate getting to connect with you!

Amy said...

Hello, cute blog! Nice to meet you!

Amy @ Missional Mama

Amy said...

Hi Nanette,

Nice to meet you! Hope you are enjoying the party!

Amy @ Missional Mama

Nanette said...

@Amy, I am SO enjoying the opportunity to party, and delighted that you stopped by for a visit today!! Blessings!!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to meet you. What a sweet and inviting blog, and your heart beams right through. I hope you stop by my website/blog, More to Be, as I'd love your perspective and input, considering your experience with older children!

By His Grace,