Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Time Flies...

So, another month has gone by; and my how time flies! Things continue to be busy in the Baker home as we create stability, consistancy, and joy.

We had a wonderful Christmas, filled with the Spirit of Christ! Michelle & Anthony have such generous spirits, and truly enjoy giving. It was such a pleasure to share in their excitment as we prepared gifts for friends and family. I noticed this sense of abundance as each of us surveyed all that we had been blessed with, along with an overwhelming desire to share. What a blessing it is to feel gratitude, especially in the midst of growing and stretching!!

As the new year has begun, we are implementing a new Family Economy patterned after the Eyre Family - valuesparenting.com. Michelle & Anthony are eager to take ownership of their "home zones" and family callings! This sense of order seems to add to the stability and peace we are each experiencing. Jeff extended family callings to Michelle & Anthony at Family Home Evening last night. He called Anthony to be his First Counselor with a charge to assist in the order of our home. He is asked to assign responsibilities for each FHE, call our family to daily prayers, scripture study, and weekly FHE. Anthony was most pleased to be "the man of the house" when Father is not available, ensuring the safety of our family. Michelle was called to be the family secretary with a charge to assist our family in taking minutes at FHE, be our family historian, photographer, and financial clerk. Jeff & I hope these callings can not only offer training in their specific areas, but also prepare them for future opportunities to serve. Jeff set both Michelle & Anthony apart and gave them a blessing that they would have soft hearts, continue to make wise choices, and honor the gifts and talents they've been given.

We are also "revamping" our household responsibilities to better account for where the children are at. We want to instill a sense of participation and contribution, rather than entitlement and demands. We will be "sharing" the household income with the children as they share in the household responsibilities. Everyone will be assigned a "home zone" to manage along with keeping their rooms in order, and following the family laws we've established. We expect this sense of participation will serve to train them in life skills as well as creating a sense of partnership and teamwork.

We also have begun Martial Arts Training as a family. Michelle & Anthony both have amazing athletic abilities, they are fast, flexible, and strong. We hope that this type of training will assit them in focus, teamwork, discipline, and confidence. So far, we are noticing just this. It is also an excellent way for Jeff & I to expand our commitment to health and wellness. We are equally looking forward to this new experience.

Theresa & Madeline continue to be "missing" for nearly three weeks now. We are grateful for all the efforts being made to find them, and bring them to safety, and look forward with hope and faith that they are healthy and happy.

Jeff has recently been called as the Elder's Quorum Family History Committee Representative. This brings the reminder and challenge to "Turn our Hearts to our Fathers". We look forward to taking on this opportunity with all the passion and committment we have. We know we are called to seek out the records of our family, and nothing should stay our efforts. We anticipate many miracles as we begin this worthy endeavor.

So, it is with new beginnings, renewed committments, and joy that we move forward together!!