Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School!

What an excellent day! Many years ago, Jeff & I felt called to Home Educate our children, however, allowed circumstances to dictate our choice. Needless to say, we fell into the "Conveyor Belt" education out of convenience and a sense of obligation. In spite of many years of trusting a system to teach and "raise" our children, we continued to consider this call to Home Education. Theresa recently completed her K-12 education with Madeline close behind through traditional means. Now, more than ever I found myself considering the results, wondering if there was more that I can offer my children in preparing them to fulfill the Divine Mission they've been sent here to fulfill. I began researching many education models - Public, Private, Charter, and MANY Home Education options. While prayerfully considering what would best support Michelle and Anthony in moving forward in their education, we found A Thomas Jefferson Education model. To consider the type of education our Founding Fathers received along with many world leaders, I was directed back to Classic Novels inspiring a strong sense of value and character. Knowing that we are raising future leaders, it is my heart's desire to better equip them to be Problem Solvers, doers rather than followers, courageous, valiant young people. After much prayer and study, we chose to step out in faith and accountability knowing that who better equipped than us to best support Michelle and Anthony in achieving such results. With clear direction, we began Leadership Education today with great success and prospect!! Michelle and Anthony are eager to learn and grow at a pace that suits them individually. By understanding Learning Phases, we are able to proceed supporting Anthony in his Core Phase and Michelle in her Love of Learning Phase!

What an exciting time for our family!! I am so thrilled and relieved to have found direction and clarity in supporting our family to be the leaders we are all called to be. It is truly "For such a time as this" that we have all been called to Rise Up and Be Counted. I intend to begin at home in impacting the world. I am confident that with continued prayer and planning, we can successfully rise to this occasion and become Scholars, Statesmen and Stateswomen, Liber, Leaders, Problem Solvers, and Lights in this darkening world.

In James 1: 2-3 of our central canon, the Bible; we are reminded to "Count it all for joy". I've often thought this was good advice, but wondered, how do I really do that in the midst of circumstances that seem beyond my ability to survive, let alone thrive. As the past 2 years have unfolded, I have had the opportunity to practice this wonderful direction. I have been so grateful to find joy in the midst of unbelievable stretching (trials)! I am so grateful for my understanding and testimony of trusting the process in faith rather than fear. Out of this journey, I've grown and found blessings beyond my best dreams. God is SO good - only all the time!

I hope to inspire my family and friends to Rise Up and Be Counted! Now is the time! It is possible! We are equipped! It is time for our family to choose our course of action rather than allow circumstances to dictate our route!! Praise God for "Second Chances"! It is my joy to share our journey as we move forward in faith to Glorify God and Be a Blessing!

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