Tuesday, September 1, 2009

11 Years Old...

Michelle turns 11 today!!
We have enjoyed a wonderful day honoring Michelle! She is an amazing, beautiful, talented, giving, intelligent, deep young lady whom I am honored to call daughter!
Michelle has been contemplating what instrument she would like to learn to play, so that she could grow her love for singing and writing. About 6 weeks ago, she asked if she could have a guitar; AND of course were were so excited to bless her with her first guitar today! We found a hot pink, parlor size, "First Act" instrument that I felt would serve her as she began to learn. She LOVED it!! I have no doubt that God has given Michelle the ability to glorify Him through music and I eagerly look forward as this talent and passion becomes a skill that can bless others. Just like King David of old, whose skill as a young musician placed him in relationship with the King, which later opened the doors of opportunity God had prepared for him to lead. It is so exciting to watch our children grow and find their passions and gifts - I am especially grateful that ALL of our children share a love of music!! Yeah Me!
Our first few weeks of school have been a great success!! We are ALL adjusting to our new schedule and enjoy our flexibility to play and learn together!! I am SO grateful for the opportunity to inspire Michelle and Anthony into their greatness!! We've always felt that we were raising and cultivating leaders, however, I now feel equipped with tools that will truly move them forward! Again, Yeah Me!!
We have been SO blessed lately with wisdom and directions. I love how God is faithful to answer our prayers with More Than Enough when we are truly open to receive. Jeff had really been seeking God's direction for how to grow our business, and almost as quickly as he asked, we received our next opportunity. It reminded me of a time we were driving in an unfamiliar town, and just as we were sure we were lost, a HUGE sign appeared to provide accurate directions for us to safely proceed to our desired destination. It is a sweet, sweet thing to understand how to really walk in God's promise of oneness (with Jeff and Father)! Likewise, I am grateful that God is NOT subject to this world's economic situation and offers his own economic stimulus!!
So it is with abundant gratitude that I reveal in the joy of being a mother, wife, and daughter of God!!

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