Friday, February 26, 2010

Peace Among the Pieces

"The Lord will give strength unto his people;
the Lord will bless his people with peace."
- Psalm 29:11

What is this peace? The Hebrew, Shalom translates as safe, that is (figuratively) well, happy, friendly; also (abstractly) welfare, that is health, prosperity, peace: to be well wholly. Love it!

My thoughts today are drawn to the desire for peace. Psalm 34:14 counsels us to "seek peace, and pursue it!" Again, the Hebrew for pursue is Radaph - to run after, chase, or hunt. THIS I can relate to! I totally know what it is to pursue peace with a passion!! I am familiar with difficult situations and circumstances where fear bombards my thoughts and leaves me with the choice to seek hard after peace or to stay stuck in worry and doubt. We've known the pain of financial struggle - no income, bills to pay. Like many of you, we too have felt the sting of broken relationships, gossip, and betrayal. Recently, we have even come to know the heartache of a child being victimized in most unthinkable ways. We know that in this life, there Will Be pain and seasons of trial; so, where do we focus during these times? Where do we look for peace?

I heard a friend recently struggling to find security. She was looking to "man and the world" for a sense of knowing - a stable income, home ownership, roots. As she shared her desire and journey, I became aware of her Real search for peace. I have come to understand that often times when we seek security, we look to man for the solution, and forever seem unsatisfied. Conversely, when we seek peace and look to the One who promises an endless supply, our internal struggle with fear subsides. I am convinced that as long as we choose to dance with fear, doubt, and worry; we miss out on the opportunity to know peace, joy, and love!!

I am grateful for my relationship with a Heavenly Father that is the source of endless peace in ALL circumstances. I have heard the knock of our loving Savior who stands ready. I have considered the depth of the Atonement that covers not only the offense, the pain of being offended, as well as the offender! God knows the intent of the Adversary to "kill, steal, and destroy" and has so paved a way for us to follow!

I know that God moves among the pieces!! God stands ready and able to assist us in putting the pieces of life together peacefully! Choosing to Trust God has been one of the most difficult and rewarding decisions I make on a daily basis!! Looking to God as my source and security is an act of faith that ALWAYS brings peace!! Trusting that I am not alone in my journey to discern the pieces of life brings peace! Enjoying the Divinely appointed friendships in my life, brings peace and encouragement!

I also know that if I can find peace among my pieces, so can you! Trust God, look to him as the author and finisher of your faith! I pray that we will be encouraged in our journey to seek peace, and pursue it with renewed energy!



Ranee said...

Beautiful! :D

Darlene Schacht said...

Beautiful. I love digging into the Hebrew meaning of words. It adds so much depth to my understanding.

I'm reminded of the woman at the well who had several husbands. Jesus said if you drink the water that I offer you, you will never thirst again. He knew she desired to be filled.