Sunday, May 20, 2012

While I'm Waiting...

John Waller
     Are you in a Season of Waiting?  Waiting for a new job, healing, restoration, the arrival of a new child?  That's just where we find ourselves - waiting!!  We understand that the process of Sowing and Reaping includes a season of waiting, however, this seems to be the most challenging part.  I have heard it said that God gives us a Vision for the Result, and sometimes shows us where to begin, however leaves out the middle; because if we knew what the waiting would look like, we may Never Begin!  THIS I can relate to!  Years ago, God gave us a Vision that was SO big, it could Only be from Him!  In spite of the enormity of Purpose, we began preparing.  We wanted to be like the boy coming to a community prayer meeting in the middle of a drought.  The local Pastors asked their congregations to bring emblems of their faith, and gather in the town square to pray for rain.  On the day of the prayer meeting, the entire town assembled in great anticipation - willing to lay aside their differences of theology, and join their faith in asking God for Rain.  As the Officiating Pastor quieted the crowd, He invited them to raise their emblems of faith as they begin to pray; and looking out over the crowd, He could see numerous Family Bibles, Rosaries, Photos, etc.  However, towards the back of the crowd stood a young boy who also noticed the other emblems, and timidly raised his - a large red umbrella!  The Pastor smiled as He began to offer gratitude for the faith of this young man, who knew that God's Faithfulness would produce rain!!  It is that kind of faith we purpose to walk in!  Today, I am encouraged in the peace of waiting, and reminded of God's Faithfulness!!  2 Thessalonians 3:13 reminds us to "Not grow weary in doing good!"  So, although I have had days of feeling weary, "I will move ahead Bold and Confident, taking every step in Obedience, while I'm waiting!"

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