Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The beauty AFTER the storm - Breathtaking!

Isn't it amazing how beautiful the world is after a storm? Here in Arizona, it rained most of yesterday. It was colder than normal, dismal, humid, and generally uncomfortable. Likewise, we were introduced to the reality of inheriting a older condo - leaking roof! So, we spent the day with buckets and towels catching water in about 7 places throughout our kitchen area. Today, however, I awoke to a clear blue sky, warm sunshine, lush green grass, and dry kitchen - Beautiful! How true it seems in life, the storms will come and with them generally there is an element of discomfort! Yet, just as true is it that storms will come, it is equally true that they Do pass; and oh, what beauty they bring! There is something that happens during a storm that purifies. I can recount numerous times throughout history that the storms came and went changing life as it had been known. So it is, then, that I am learning to be grateful for the storm - knowing that with a little patience and stretching, there will be a breathtaking outcome! Praise God for loving us enough to provide natural purifying opportunities! May we continue to learn to dance in the rain rather than just waiting for the storms to pass!

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Anonymous said...

wow, so beautiful!